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Raven is a cosplayer, gamer, and content creator. Here you can find a bit more about her:

You can find Raven streaming on Twitch 3 times per week - every Thursday, Friday, and her personal favourite... Spooky Sunday! She gets up to all sorts of fun things on her Twitch streams - gaming, cosplay construction, unboxings, asmr, and lots more! At least once per week you will even find her streaming as her VTuber avatar. 

Raven has been cosplaying for most of her life, and she absolutely loves bringing her favourite characters to life, with her own personal twist on them. She is always working on new cosplays, so stay tuned for more updates!

When she's not gaming or working on cosplays, you can often find Raven hiking or canoeing. She loves the outdoors.

Raven enjoys creating videos on her YouTube page of all her hobbies and interests, so if you have something in common with her you should check out her videos!

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